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Service and Repair of Air Conditioning Systems in Ships

Special requirements subsist for the air quality and the climatic conditions on board ships. The quality of the air has to provide a comfortable environment for crews and guests, and the installations must have good operating economy and at the same time follow the legislation.


Danish company with 35 years of experience in air conditioning onboard ships

B&V Køleteknik has many years of experience within maritime air conditioning. We rebuild all sorts of marine air conditioners for environmentally friendly cooling mediums. We locate/repair leaks and carry out statutory inspections according to the manufacturers' recommendation tailored to the ship's programmed maintenance system (PMS).


Many requirements for the air quality on board

At sea a first-class air quality for both passengers and crew should exist. The air has to be fresh and have the right temperature/humidity. Sometimes the air has to be moistened, and at other times the air has to be dehumidified. With our many years of experience from office environments, industrial and seaborne activities, we provide extensive experience in getting air conditioners to perform at the optimum.




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