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Maritime Ban of the R22 Refrigerant Starting 2015

Today a ban prohibiting the use of the R22 refrigerant exists on EU-registered vessels unless a special permit has been obtained. Starting January 1st 2015 a total ban on the refill of new or regenerated R22 for any purpose is implemented.



We offer energy efficient R22 conversion

B&V Køleteknik performs energy-efficient transitions to approved refrigerants on ships.



Smooth transition to approved refrigerants

Today a multitude of ships use the R22 (HCFC) refrigerating medium. From January 1st 2015 a total ban on is effectuated against replenishing R22 at existing systems. This applies to both new and recycled refrigerants. Presently the same rule is applicable for the refrigerants R12 and R502.

B & V Køleteknik has extensive experience in converting existing maritime cooling plants to use approved coolants. We perform the necessary work quickly and with as little inconvenience to the operation as possible. In most cases, we conduct an energy efficient conversion without having to replace major components.



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