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Marine Cooling Plants

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Programmed Maintenance of Maritime
Refrigeration Plants in Danish Ports

B & V Køleteknik accepts tasks regarding programmed maintenance of maritime reefer plants on board vessels in Danish Ports.



Programmed maintenance
of refrigeration plants

B & V Køleteknik offers a complete overhaul, repair and periodic maintenance of the ship's refrigeration plants, provisions plants and air conditioning systems. All in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer and/or the ship's programmed maintenance system (PMS).


Leak detection, cleaning and optimization of operation

We carry out the regular maintenance of the ship's cooling systems according to the demands of the classification societies requirements and/or the ship's certified PMS (Programmed Maintenance System):

  • Leakage detection.

  • Cleaning of evaporators and condensers.

  • Optimization of operation and capacity control.




Authorized Cooling Experts

Member of
Danish Cooling Service Trade Ass.





Bureau Veritas - ISO 9001

Bureau Veritas
ISO 9001 Certification